Storage Tips

A majority of wines sold are ready to be consumed right away. And a majority of us do not have a wine cellar, or plan to build one, to store our wines. But that doesn't mean we put them in a wire rack on top of the refridgerator. So some basic guidance will help you enjoy your wine.

There are four big concerns when storing wine:
    Tempurature extremes
    Direct sun light
    Low humidity

Basically, you want to store wine on its side in dark place with little exposure to vibration from applicances and at a consistent temperature. Many experts will say to even avoid storing in racks in kitchens or dining rooms. But unless you are a collector, the biggest concern is to keep the wine out of direct sunlight and not exposed to hot or cold temperatures. A temperature range of between 50 degrees and 70 degrees is ideal. If you are unable to manage the environment ideally, the outcome of those storage conditions will be that the wine will age quicker, not something drastic like turning into vinegar.

For those who want to be more serious about storage, maybe even investing in a cooler, click here for a good article from Wine Spectator.